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We believe that scientists have information and insight relevant to discussions of how people and the environment can thrive together. We also believe that knowledge is too often languishing in technical journals and scientific circles while society must forge ahead with decisions.

We were created in 1999 to help ocean scientists more effectively share their knowledge. Ten years later, we expanded our scope and now coach and connect scientists around a variety of topics.

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We are passionate about science and scientists. We bring graduate-level training and real-world experience as journalists, policy staff, and professional communicators to our work. We were pioneers in this space, and are constantly innovating our practice and teaching of science communication.

With offices in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, and Washington DC, our distributed team is networked and nimble.

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In contrast to our early days, science communication is now widely discussed, taught, and promoted. Despite the growing enthusiasm, many cultural, financial, and practical obstacles still challenge scientists who seek deeper engagement.

In addition to our direct work with scientists, we are proud to lead discussions, convene gatherings, and build collaborations to advance the field and practice of science communication as a whole.

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