Making Connections

Do you have a new paper coming out that you hope or expect will generate press attention? Have you been invited to meet with legislators or provide testimony? From preparing for policymaker meetings, to editorial review of cover letters, op-eds, or press releases, to designing a social media strategy for your lab, our team offers hourly consulting services for projects that align with our mission. For more intensive undertakings, we are looking for science with clear social relevance and policy connections.

Getting to know you and your science through coaching helps us identify other opportunities to connect you to other audiences. Most importantly, we only can work with authors who are willing to commit to the considerable effort required to bring attention to their work.

The COMPASS team has formal science training, professional background in policy and media, and extensive experience in the practice of science communication. Our collective expertise includes scientific and popular writing, editing, press relations, social media tools and strategy. Please note that we are only able to take on a limited number of these projects, but let’s explore whether we might be able to support you, as we know that in-depth or personalized attention is sometimes needed.

Our availability for coaching projects depends on team bandwidth and fit with our mission. We charge, either an hourly or fixed project rate, based on your needs. Depending on your project and timing, we may be able to utilize some of our grant funds to offset our costs. Please contact us to explore how we might help you.

“I am so grateful for COMPASS’ professionalism, competence and knowledge. They were so attentive and accessible – I felt like I had someone I could trust and immediately ask questions to – and there were a lot of questions. I also think the reputation of COMPASS with Science and reporters was really helpful, as was their on-the-ground support during the incredibly intense time just before embargo lifted. It was so great to hear from someone what it would be like – and it helped us manage a big and complex undertaking.”

Our Stories

For 15 years, we have trained, coached, and connected thousands of scientists. Here are a few of their stories and ours:

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